The festival

The project

Thanks to the great desire of Michela Maggiolo, professor, President of the cultural association called “Stabilimento delle Arti” and Art Director of the Festival, Vignale Danza is back to liven up the characteristic small village with the dance art. Michela Maggiolo is a dance teacher and her dream is to widespread the dance art. This dream was accepted with enthusiasm from the Municipality of Vignale Monferrato, to which Michela Maggiolo is very closed, both personally and professionally.

The International Festival of Vignale in Danza was born thanks to the emotional bond between Michela and Vignale, the interest to widespread the dance art like a way of expression and the desire to offer new educational opportunities to the young people.

The programme is, in fact, focused on the local territory enhancement, through innovative spectacles of the most contemporary forms of dance; the same principles are used to choose and organize the workshops, which are residential, completely avantgarde, giving the young people the opportunity to, totally, find out the artistic concept of the most famous choreographers and to give it back to the public during the festival.

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Dance is back to Vignale

Since 1978 Vignale Monferrato hosts the ancient art of the ballet and dance in general, within the wonderful surrounding hills landscape, famous all around the world and world human heritage. The ballet festival was directed by different artists, offering different dance concepts and ideas though hosting famous international dancers.

Vignale in Danza is different from the previous editions because the focus is on the youth; the new generations are the main protagonists in the dance companies chosen for the spectacles, for the residential activities and, of course, as beneficiaries of the educational offer. The objectives are share by the Municipality of Vignale Monferrato and by the Association “Stabilimento delle Arti” which received, in 2021 the official duty to bring the festival back to Vignale. This was possible thanks to the values of the Association “Stabilimento delle Arti” which wants to develop, promote and widespread arts in general, together with the attention for the environment and the culture.